Belief In God - He Alone is entitled to worship

Monday, October 28, 2013
The third and fourth aspects about what belief in God means, namely, belief that He Alone is entitled to worship and coming to know of God through His names and attributes.

Islam poses a greater emphasis on how belief in God results in a righteous life of obedience and morality rather than prove its existence through theological subtleties . Therefore, the Islamic currency is the main message preached by the prophets was surrendered to the will of God and worship , and not as evidence of the existence of God :

" And indeed all Messengers before you ( Muhammad ) without revealing to him: no one has the right to be worshiped but on what I want ( solo)" ( Quran 21:25 . )

God has the exclusive right to be worshiped inwardly and outwardly, the heart and the members of each. Not only can not be worshiped but He , no other person may not be worshiped . He has no partners or associates in worship. Worship , in its broadest sense and in all its aspects , is only for him .

" There is no true god worthy of worship but He, Most Gracious, Most Merciful . " ( Quran 2:163 )

The law of God is to be loved can not be overstated . This is the essential meaning of the testimony of the faith of Islam : La Ilah Illa Allah. A person becomes Muslim by testifying to the divine right of worship. It is the heart of the Islamic belief in God and Islam. It was the central message of all the prophets and messengers sent by God - the message of Abraham , Isaac , Ishmael , Moses, the Hebrew prophets, Jesus and Muhammad , peace and blessings of God be upon him . For example , Moses said :

" Hear, O Israel : the Lord our God is one Lord . " (Deuteronomy 6:04 )

Jesus repeated the same message 1500 years later, when he said :

" The first commandment of all is : " Hear, O Israel . Lord our God is one Lord " (Mark 12:29)

Satan and recalled :

" Begone, Satan , for it is written : 'Worship the Lord your God and serve him only " (Matthew 4:10 ) .

Finally , the call of Muhammad some 600 years after Jesus echoed through the hills of Mecca :

" And your God is one God: there is no god but He ... " ( Quran 2:163 )

All clear :

"Worship God ... You have no other god but Him ... " ( Quran 7:59 , 7:65 , 7:73 , 7:85 , 11:50 , 11:61 , 11: 84 23 : 23 )


Worship in Islam is any act , belief, statement or feeling of heart that God approves and loves everything that brings a person closer to their Creator . Includes worship "external" as daily prayers , ritual fasting , charity and pilgrimage and worship "internal" as faith in the six articles of faith , reverence , worship , love, gratitude and confidence. God has the right to worship the body, heart and soul , and worship is incomplete if it is on four key elements: the fear of God , divine love and adoration , hope in divine reward and extreme humility .

One of the greatest acts of worship is prayer invoking Divine assistance . Islam says that prayer must be directed to God . It is recognized in full control of the destiny of every man and able to provide their needs and eliminate anxiety. God in Islam reserves the right to pray for yourself :

" And invoke not , with God , all that can not benefit or hurt , because here , if you do , you're probably among the ungodly " ( Quran 10:106 )

Give someone else - prophets , angels , Jesus, Mary , idols or nature of some of their worship , which is essentially due only to God, such as prayer, is called idolatry and greatest sins in Islam. Shirk is the only unforgivable sin is not repented of , and denies the very purpose of creation.

( IV ) God is known by His names and attributes BEAUTIFUL

God is known in Islam by His beautiful names and attributes that appear in Islamic texts revealed no corruption or denial of their obvious meanings , imagine or think of them in human terms.

" And the most beautiful names belong to God , so call on Him by them ... " ( Quran 7:180 )

Therefore, it is inappropriate to use First Cause , Author , Substance, pure Ego , absolute , pure ideas, concepts logical Unknown unconscious self , idea or big guy like divine names . They just do not have the beauty and this is not how God describes himself. Instead, the names of God indicates its majestic beauty and perfection. God does not forget , sleep or fatigue . It's not fair , and has no son , mother , father, brother , partner, or assistant. One is not born and does not give birth . He does not need anything , as it is perfect . It can not be the man to "understand " the suffering . God is the Almighty ( al- Qawi ) , the Incomparable ( al- Ahad ) , The Acceptor of repentance ( al- Tawwaab ) The Merciful ( al- Rahim ) , He never - be ( al- Hayy ), the Sustainer ( al- Qayyum ) , Knower ( al-' Alim ) hearing ( al- Sami ' ( al- Basir ) ) the all-seeing , the Forgiving ( al- Afuw ) Helper ( al- Nasir ) , healing patients ( al- Shaafi ) .

The two most cited names are " compassion " and " The Merciful . " All except one of the chapters of the Muslim scripture begins with the phrase : "In the name of God , the Compassionate , the Merciful " The phrase is used , it could ie by Muslims more often than the father. names, the Son and the Holy Spirit are heard in Christian invocations . Muslims begin with the name of God and remember the compassion and mercy of God every time we eat , drink , write a letter or do something important.

Forgiveness is an important dimension of the relationship between man and God . Human beings are made to be weak and prone to sin , but God in His mercy is ready to forgive . The Prophet Muhammad said :

"The mercy of God is greater than His wrath . " ( Sahih Al- Bukhari)

With the divine names "compassion" and " the Merciful, " names " Forgiveness " ( al- Ghafur ) , " The Forgiving " ( al- Ghaf - FAAR ) , "He who accepts repentance " ( al - Tawwaab ) and " Forgiving " ( al- Afuw ) are among the most used in Muslim prayers .

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