The Amazing Qur'an - Prophet Muhammad was neither a liar nor a lunatic

Saturday, January 18, 2014
Prophet The Trail critical
In fact, much of the Qur'an came in answer to questions. Someone asked Muhammad , peace and blessings of God be upon him , a question, and the revelation would come with the answer.
Certainly , if one is crazy and believes that an angel whispered in his ear , then when someone asks him a question , he thinks that the angel will give you the answer. Because it's crazy , he really thinks . He said someone wait a moment and then running for your friends and ask , " Does anyone know the answer? " This type of behavior is characteristic of one who does not believe he is a prophet . What non-Muslims refuse to accept is that you can not have both. It can be deceived, or may be a liar.

There may be one or neither , but it certainly can not be both ! The emphasis is on the fact that they are arguably the personality traits that are mutually exclusive.

The following case is a good example of the kind of circle that non-Muslims go around constantly : Prophet 
If you ask one of them, " What is the origin of the Quran? " He says it's from the mind of a man who was crazy then you ask him. " If it was the head, then where is getting the information it contains truth ? Qur'an mentions many things with which the Arabs did not know " Therefore, to explain the fact that you bring him , he changes his position and said : " Well, maybe he was not crazy Maybe a stranger brought him the information so he lied and told people that he was a prophet. . . " At this point , you should ask , "If Muhammad was a liar , then where did he trusted his Why behaves as if he really thought he was a prophet?"
Finally backed into a corner, like a cat he quickly lashes with the first answer that comes to mind . You forget that you have already exhausted that possibility , he said , "Well, maybe it was not a liar was probably crazy and really thought he was a prophet. . " And so begins the futile cycle again.
As already mentioned , there is a wealth of information contained in the Qur'an whose source can not be attributed to anyone other than God. For example , who told Muhammad about embryology? When people gather such facts , if they are not willing to attribute their existence to a divine source , automatically resort to the assumption someone brought Muhammad the information and that is used to deceive people.

However, this theory can be easily refuted by a simple question: " If Muhammad was a liar , where he took trust her why she said that some people right to their face what others never can tell ? " This trust depends fully convinced that one has a true divine revelation. Prophet
A Revelation - Abu Lahab
Prophet Muhammad had an uncle by the name of Abu Lahab . This man hated Islam to such an extent that he used to follow the Prophet around in order to discredit him . If Abu Lahab saw the Prophet talking to a stranger , he would wait until they parted and then would go abroad and asked : Black "What you said You said " tomorrow "Well," Well, it's white , did you say . " , is the night . " faithfully said the exact opposite of what he heard Muhammad and the Muslims say . However, ten years before Abu Lahab died , a little chapter in the Qur'an ( Sura al - Lahab , 111 ) was revealed by him.
Prophet Quran

He clearly said he would fire ( ie hell) . In other words , he said he would never become a Muslim and therefore would be condemned forever. For ten years all Abu Lahab had to do was say . . "I heard that was revealed to Muhammad that I will never change - that I will never be a Muslim and will enter Hell Well, I want to become Muslim now What think? what do you think divine revelation now ? " But he never did . But this is exactly the kind of behavior one would have expected from him since he always sought to contradict Islam . Prophet Quran
In essence , Muhammad said, " You hate me and want to kill me here , say these words, and I'm done Go tell them? . " But Abu Lahab said. Decade ! And all this time he never accepted Islam or even became sympathetic to the Islamic cause .

How could Muhammad know for sure that Abu Lahab would fulfill the Qur'anic revelation if he ( ie , Muhammad ) was not truly the messenger of Allah? How can you be so confident as to give someone 10 years to discredit his claim of prophecy ? The only answer is that he was the messenger of Allah. Prophet Quran
Another example of the confidence which Muhammad had in his own prophecy and consequently in the divine protection of himself and his message is when he left Makkah and hid in a cave with Abu Bakr , may Allah be pleased with him for his emigration to Medina . Both clearly had people coming to kill them, and Abu Bakr was afraid.
Prophet Quran 
Certainly, if Muhammad was a liar, a forger and one who was trying to fool people into believing he was a prophet , one would have expected him to say in such a circumstance to his friend , "Hey, Abu Bakr , see if you can find a way back to the cave. " Or " squat down in the corner over there and keep quiet . " But actually , what he said to Abu Bakr clearly illustrated his confidence. He said, " Do not worry, God is with us!" Now, if people know it's wrong , where can you get this kind of attitude? In fact, a state of mind is not characteristic of a liar or a forger at all.

Therefore, as mentioned above , non-Muslims will go round and round in circles, looking for a way out - some way to explain the findings in the Qur'an without attributing them to their proper sources . On the one hand , they tell you on Monday, Wednesday and Friday , " The man was a liar," and secondly , Tuesday , Thursday and Saturday they tell you . " It was crazy " What we refuse to accept is that no we can have both, but they need both theories , both excuses to explain the information contained in the Koran. Prophet Quran

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