The Amazing Quran - The burden of proof lies with the saying that the Quran is false

Saturday, January 18, 2014
You did not know this before ! Quran how
Undoubtedly , there is an attitude in the Qur'an which is not found anywhere else . It is interesting how the Qur'an provides information, it often tells the reader , " You did not know before. " In fact, there is no scripture that exists which makes that claim. All other ancient writings and scriptures that people have to give a lot of information, but they always say where the information .
Quran how

For example , when the Bible speaks of ancient history , it is said that this king lived here , this one fought in a certain battle , another son was so , etc. However , it always stipulates that if you want more information , then you should read the book of so and so, because that's where the information is coming. Contrary to this concept , the Qur'an provides the reader with information and states that this information is something new. Quran how

Of course , there is always advice for information provided and verify its authenticity. Interestingly, this concept was never challenged by non-Muslims , that makes fourteen centuries. Indeed, the Makkans who hated the Muslims, and time and again they heard such revelations intended to bring new information, and yet never spoke and said . " This is not new We know where Muhammad received this information. We learned this in school. "could never challenge its authenticity because it really was new! Quran how
Proof of authenticity : an approach
It should be noted here that the Qur'an is accurate about many , many things , but accuracy does not necessarily mean that the book is a divine revelation . In fact , accuracy is not one of the criteria for divine revelations . For example , the telephone book is accurate, but that does not mean that divinity is revealed. Lies in that the real problem is to establish proof of the source of information of the Koran. 

The emphasis is in the other direction , in that the burden of proof lies with the reader . One cannot simply deny the authenticity of the Qur'an without sufficient evidence . If, in fact , is not a mistake , then he has the right to disqualify . This is exactly what the Qur'an encourages . Quran how God
Once a man came up to me after a lecture I delivered in South Africa. He was very angry about what had been said, and said , "I will go home tonight and find a mistake in the Qur'an. " Sure, I said, " Congratulations This is the smartest thing you've said . . " No surely this is the approach Muslims need to take with those who doubt the authenticity of the Qur'an , because the Qur'an itself offers the same challenge .
Quran how
And inevitably , after accepting his challenge and discovering that it is true these people will come to believe it because they could not disqualify him . In essence , the Qur'an earns their respect because they themselves have had to verify its authenticity.
Quran how

A fundamental fact that cannot be repeated enough about the authenticity of the Quran is that it is unable to explain the same phenomenon does not require the acceptance of the existence of this phenomenon and the explanation thereof else. More specifically, simply because we cannot explain something does not mean that we should accept the explanation from someone else. Quran how
However, the refusal of other explanations for the person who has the burden of proof in itself for a possible answer. This general theory applies to numerous concepts in life, but fits perfectly with the challenge of the Quran, as it creates a difficulty for one who says: " . I do not think so " At first, the refusal was forced to immediately to find an explanation himself if he feels others' responses are inadequate.
Quran how
This familiarity with the information will give the person " the edge " when future discoveries are made and additional information is presented . The important thing is that one deals with the facts and not merely take empathy and disinterest .
Quran how
Exhausting the alternatives
The real certainty about the truthfulness of the Qur'an is evident in the confidence which is prevalent in all this, and this confidence comes from a different approach - " alternative escape. " In fact, the Qur'an states : "This book is a divine revelation, if you do not believe , then what is ? "In other words , the reader is challenged to think of another explanation.
Quran how

This is a book made of paper and ink. Where does it come ? He says it is a divine revelation, if n is not , then what is the source? the interesting fact is that no one has yet found an explanation that works . in fact, all alternatives have been exhausted . As has been well established by non - Muslims , these alternatives are reduced to two main schools of thought are mutually exclusive, the emphasis on one or the other. Quran God
On the one hand , there is a large group of people who have studied the Qur'an for hundreds of years and they say : "One thing we know for sure - that man , Muhammad peace and blessings of God be upon him, thought he was a prophet. was crazy ! "They are convinced that Muhammad was tricked somehow. Then on the other hand, there is a group that says: "Because of this evidence, one thing we know for sure is that this man, Muhammad was a liar ! " Ironically , these two groups never seem to find without contradicting .
Quran God

In fact, many references on Islam usually claim both theories. They start by saying that Muhammad was crazy and then stop saying he was a liar. Quran
They never seem to realize it could not have been both ! For example, if one is deluded and think it is really a prophet , then he stays up late in the planning of the night, " How will I fool the people tomorrow so that they think I am a prophet ? " he really believes he is a prophet, and he hopes the answer will be given to him by revelation.
Quran God

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