The Core of the Islamic Creed The belief in God and His worship, and the means through which one can find God

Monday, October 28, 2013

At the heart of Islam lies belief in God.

The core of the Islamic faith is the evidence of the expression, la ilaha illa Allah : "There is no true god worthy of worship except God. " Evidence of this belief, called tawhid , is the axis around which all Islam . It is also the first of two stories in which a person becomes Muslim . Striving after the completion of this unit, or tawhid , is at the heart of Islamic life . worship

For many non-Muslims, the term Allah, the Arabic name of God , refers to a strange and distant deity worshiped by the Arabs. Some even think that is true pagan " moon god " . However, in Arabic , the word Allah means the One True God. Similarly, Jews and Arab Christians refer to the Supreme Being as Allah.Islamic

Finding God

Western Philosophers , Eastern mystics and scientists today are trying to reach God in their own way . Mystical teaching of God is through spiritual experiences , a God who is part of the world is in its creation . Philosophers seek God as pure reason and speak of God as an independent watchmaker who have no interest in their creation. A group of philosophers teach agnosticism, an ideology that holds that you can not prove nor disprove the existence of God . Specifically , an agnostic says it should be able to perceive directly to God by faith. God said :worship" And those who have no knowledge say : " Why did God speak or why not a [ miraculous ] shown to us ? " That's what people were saying before the words of similar meaning . Their hearts are all alike ... " ( Quran 2:118 )Islamic
The argument is not new , people in the past and this raised the same objection .

According to Islam, the right way to find God through the teachings of the prophets preserved. Islam says that the prophets were sent by God through the centuries to guide human beings to him. God says in the Qur'an that the right way to think about their belief is signs pointing to it:

" ... In fact , we have made all the signs manifest to those who are endowed with inner certainty . " ( Quran 2:118 )

The mention of God's work often occurs in the Quran as the place of divine revelation . Anyone who sees nature in all its glory with open eyes and an open heart will see the unmistakable signs of the Creator.

" Say ye into all the world , and here's how [ beautifully ] has created [ man ] in the first case , and so, too, will God bring into being your second life - for, verily , God has the power want anything. " ( Quran 20:29)

The work of God is also present in the individual :Islamic

" And in the earth are signs [ of God's existence , visible] to all who are endowed with inner certainty, just as [ there are signs thereof] within your own person: do not you see ? "(Qur'an 51:20 - 21)

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