Friday, October 25, 2013
Straight Talk. Almost never non-Muslims study Islam until they have first exhausted the religions of their exposure . It is only after having grown dissatisfied with the religions familiar to them , meaning Judaism , Christianity and all the fashionable " - isms" , Buddhism , Taoism , Hinduism (and, as my daughter once said , " tourism " ) , considered Islam.

Perhaps other religions do not answer the big questions of life, such as " Who made us ?" And " Why are we here ? " Perhaps other religions do not match the injustices of life with a fair and just Creator . Perhaps we find hypocrisy in the clergy , untenable principles of faith in the canon , or corruption in the scripture . Whatever the reason , we perceive shortcomings in the religions of our exposure , and look elsewhere . And the ultimate " elsewhere" is Islam.

Now , Muslims do not want to hear me say that Islam is the "ultimate elsewhere. " However, despite the fact that Muslims comprise one-fourth to one-fifth of the world population sample of non -Muslim Islam means with these horrible slanders that few non - .. Muslims consider religion in a positive result, are usually the last candidate to investigate religion.

Another problem is that time non-Muslims examine Islam , religions in general have increased their skepticism : If every " gift of God" Scripture we have seen is corrupt, how Islamic scripture be otherwise ? If charlatans have manipulated religions to suit their desires , how can we imagine that the same has not happened with Islam ?

The answer can be given in a few lines , but has books to explain. The short answer is : There is a God . Is fair and equitable , and He wants us to reach the reward of paradise. However, God has placed us in this worldly life as a test, to eliminate the unworthy worthy . And we will be lost if left to our own devices . Why? Because we do not know what he wants from us. You can navigate through the maze of this life without his advice , and , therefore, gave advice in the form of revelation

Sure, previous religions have been corrupted, and this is one reason why we have a chain of revelation. Ask yourself : would not God send another revelation if the preceding scriptures were impure ? If preceding scriptures were corrupted , humans would need another revelation , to follow the right path design .

we should expect preceding scriptures to be damaged , and we expect the final revelation is pure and unadulterated , for we can not imagine a loving God leaving us astray. What we can imagine that God gives men a script and corrupt , God gives us another step , and men still corrupt ... and again, and again. Until God sends a final revelation that promises to preserve until the end of time.

Muslims consider this final revelation is the Quran . It takes into account ... newsworthy. So back to the title of this article : Why Islam? Why should we believe that Islam is the religion of truth , the religion that is pure revelation and end?

" Oh , just trust me "

, how many times have you heard that phrase? A famous comedian used to joke that people from different cities I swear in different ways. In Chicago , swear a person in this way, in Los Angeles , swear a person in this way, but in New York , you just say , " Trust me ."

So I do not believe - trust our Creator. Read the Koran , read books and study good websites . But whatever you do , go for it , take it seriously, and pray for our Creator to guide you.

Your life may depend, but your soul forever.

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