Where is God ? God Almighty is above the heavens, above His creation

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Almighty God is above the heavens 
Above His creation                    
Occasionally invites humans to do some very deep questions of life. In the quiet darkness of the night , when the stars shine far in the vast and majestic sky , or the cold, hard light of days when life rushes past as a high-speed train , people of all colors , races and creeds are wondering about the meaning of their existence . Why are we here ? What does this mean? Is this all there is ? heavens

The beautiful days filled with sunshine and iridescent blue sky , people turn their faces toward the sun and contemplate its beauty. In winter , the storm deeper and more savage , reflecting the inherent strength of the forces of nature. Somewhere in the depths of the mind , the concept of God arises . The wonders of creation are a call to the heart and soul. The sweetness of a snowflake, the smell of freshly cut grass, the soft patter of raindrops and the strong winds of a hurricane are all reminders that this world is full of wonders .

When pain and sadness threaten to engulf us , men are invited to contemplate the meaning of life. In the midst of suffering and pain, the concept of God arises . Even those who consider themselves away from religion or spiritual beliefs are looking at the sky and asking for help . When the heart contracts and swamps of fear , which in turn to a higher power desperate type . The concept of God becomes real and meaningful.

In the center of defense and negotiation, the vastness of the universe is laid bare . The reality of life is filled with awe and wonder . It's a roller coaster. There are moments of great joy and times of great sadness . Life can be long and monotonous or it can be carefree . As God arises and His Majesty is clear , more questions begin to take shape. One question that inevitably comes to mind is - where is God ?

Around the world and throughout the centuries people have trouble reconciling with the question of where God is. The inclination of man is in search of God. The ancient Babylonians and Egyptians built tall towers in their search for God . The Persians have tried in the fire . And others, like the indigenous peoples of North America and the Celts sought God in the glorious signs of nature around him. Buddhists find God in themselves and in the Hindu religion , God is supposed to be everywhere and in everything.

The search for God can be confusing. When you ask the question of where is God , responses can also be confusing. God is everywhere . God is in his heart. God is where there are the good and the beautiful . What happens , however , when the heart is empty and its surroundings are dark , dirty and ugly ? Do you let God exists? No! Of course not ! Amid this confusion, the Islamic concept of God is a beacon of light for stumbling in the dark.

Muslims believe about God is plain and simple. They do not believe that God is everywhere , believe that God is above the heavens . The human need to stand up to the sky in times of crisis and conflict is inherent in a response to the question: Where is God? God tells us in the Quran that He is the Almighty ( Qur'an 2:255 ) and He is over all His creation .

" He it is Who created the heavens and the earth in six Days and then rose over the Throne ( in a manner that suits His Majesty ) . He knows what goes into the earth and what comes from it , what descends from heaven and what ascends to it. and He is with you ( your knowledge) wherever you are . and God is all - sees what you do. " (Qur'an 57:4 )

Prophet Muhammad was known to point to the sky when referring to God. When supplication to God , he raised his hands to heaven. In his farewell sermon , the Prophet asked the people : " Have I not conveyed the message? " And he said, "Yes ! " He asked again : " Have I not conveyed the message? " And he said, "Yes ! " He asked for the third time : "Do not conveyed the message ? " He said, "Yes ! " Each time, he said : " O God , bear witness ! " - At the same time pointing to the sky , and people [
The farewell sermon text can be found in Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, and in the books of Imam Tirmidhi and Ahmad] . Almighty

God is above the heavens , above His creation. This does not mean that is contained by any physical dimensions. God is close, very close , to those who believe in Him and He answers all calls. God knows all our secrets , dreams and desires , nothing is hidden . God is with His creation for knowledge and power. God is the Creator and Sustainer . Nothing comes into being by His will.

When Muslims admire the wonders of the universe, they are comforted to know that God , the Almighty , is above the heavens , and comforted by the fact that He is with them in all their affairs . When a Muslim is beaten by the loss or pain that does not question the wisdom of God , and ask, " Where was God when I was sad or crying or suffering ? " Man was created to worship God ( Qur'an 56 : 51 ) and God repeatedly said that trials and tribulations would be part of our life experience .

" And it is He who has created the heavens and the earth in six days ... Want to try which of you is best in deed. " ( Quran 11:07 )

In your darkest time humanity or the dark night seems instinctively skyward. When your hearts beat with force and fear threatens to overwhelm them , people turn to God. They raise their hands and pray for mercy , forgiveness and mercy , and God answers , it is the Merciful , the Forgiving, the Merciful . God is distinct and separate from his creation, and there is nothing like it. He hears and sees everything. ( Quran 42:11 ) So when we wonder where God is, the answer is , no doubt, is above the heavens and all his creation. Also we did not need all creation and all creation you need ..

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