The Amazing Quran - A response to those who say that the Qur'an may be the devil or one suffering from compulsive lying

Saturday, January 18, 2014
A meeting with a minister devil
Seven years ago, I was a minister in my home. In the particular room we were there was a Qur'an on the table , face down, so the minister was not aware of which book it was.
In the midst of a discussion , I pointed to the Qur'an and said, "I have confidence in this book. " Looking at the Qur'an but not that book was knowing it, he replied : " Well, I say that if that book is not the Bible , that a man was written "In response to your statement! I said, " Let me tell you something about what is in this book. "
devil And in just three or four minutes , I said some things contained in the Qur'an. After only three or four minutes , completely changed his position and said : " You're right A man wrote this book The Devil wrote . . " In fact, this attitude is very unfortunate - . For many reasons for one thing, is a very cheap and quick apology is an immediate exit to an awkward situation .. devil Quran
In fact , there is a famous story in the Bible that mentions that one day some of the Jews were witnesses when Jesus, peace be upon him, a man raised from the dead . The man was dead for four days , and when Jesus arrived, he simply said, " Get up " And the man got up and went on a show of this type , some Jews who were watching said disbelievingly .. "It's the devil the devil helped! " Now this story is often repeated in churches around the world , and people cry big tears over it , saying, "Oh , if I had been there , there would have been so stupid as the Jews ! " yet, ironically , these people are not exactly what the Jews did when in just three minutes you show them only a small part of the Qur'an and all they can say is" Oh , the devil does. the devil wrote that book! " Because they are truly backed into a corner and have no other viable solution , using the excuse of the fastest and the cheapest available .
devil Quran
Source of Quran
Another example of people use this low position can be found in the explanation of the Meccans to the source of the message of Muhammad. They said, " The devils bring Muhammad that Qur'an ! " But as each suggestion , the Qur'an gives the answer . A passage (Chapter Al- Qalam 68: 51-52 ) asserts that includes:
" ... And they say : " Surely he is possessed , " but [ie , the Qur'an ] is not except a reminder to the world . "
devil Quran
Thus, an argument is provided in response to such theory . In fact , there are many arguments in the Qur'an, in response to the suggestion that devils brought Muhammad's message . For example , in chapter 26 God clearly says:
devil Quran
" No evil led him [ ie , this revelation ] down . Would not be appropriate for them, would not be able . Indeed, they have been far from the audience. " (Quran 26:210-212 )
And in another place (Surah an- Nahl 16:98 ) in the Qur'an, God teaches us :
"When you recite the Qur'an seek refuge in Allah from Satan , the accursed. "
Satan is now writing a book ? He tells one , " Before you read my book, ask God to save you from me? " It's very , very difficult. Indeed, a man could write something, but Satan Do? Many people clearly show that you can not reach a conclusion on this issue. On the one hand , they claim that Satan would not do such a thing and that even if I could, God would not allow him , however , on the other hand , they also believe that Satan is much less God. In essence , they allege that the Devil can probably do whatever God can do. And therefore , when viewed in the Qur'an , as surprised as they are as to how amazing it is , still insist on " The devil did it! "
devil Quran

Praise God , Muslims do not have this attitude . Although Satan may have skills they are building a long separate path of God . And no Muslim is a Muslim if he does not believe that. It is common knowledge even among non-Muslims that the Devil can easily make mistakes, and expect that contradict if and when he wrote a book. For indeed , the Qur'an states ( Sura 4:82 )
"Can not see the Quran? If it had been anyone other than God, they have surely found therein much discrepancy. "
devil Quran
In conjunction with the excuses that non-Muslims advance in futile attempts to justify unexplainable verses in the Qur'an , there is another attack often rendered which seems to be a combination of the theories that Muhammad was crazy and a liar. Basically , these people propose that Muhammad was insane , and because of his delirium , he lie and deceive people .
devil Quran
There is a name for this psychology. It is considered the mythomanie . This simply means that one tells lies and then believes them. That's what non-Muslims say Muhammad suffered . But the problem with this proposal is that one suffering from compulsive lying definitely can not cope with all the facts, and yet the whole Qur'an is completely factual . Everything in it can be searched and established as true. Since the facts are a problem for a pathological liar, when a psychologist tries to treat one suffering from this condition, is continually faced with the facts.
devil Quran
For example , if one is mentally ill and claims, "I am the king of England," a psychologist does not say " No, you're not.'re Crazy! " He just did not do it. However , it faces the facts and said, "Okay, you say you are the king of England So tell me where the queen is today And where the prime minister is where are your guards are . . ? " Now, when a man has trouble trying to deal with these issues , it is making excuses, saying "Uh ... the queen ... she was his mother Uh ... the prime minister. well ... is dead. " And in the end he is cured because he can not face the facts. If the psychologist continues before him with enough facts , finally faces the reality and says, " . Guess I am not the King of England "
devil Quran

The Qur'an approaches everyone who reads it the same way a psychologist treats his patient mythomanie . There is a verse in the Qur'an ( Sura Yunus 10:57 ) which states :
"O mankind , has not reached you a warning [ie , the Qur'an ] from your Lord , remedy for what is in the heart - . , And guidance and mercy for the believers "
devil Quran
At first glance, this statement appears vague, but the meaning of this verse is clear when considered in light of the previous example . 

Basically , one is healed of his delusions by reading the Qur'an. In essence, it is therapy. devil 
It literally cures deluded people by confronting them with facts. A common attitude throughout the Qur'an is one which says: "O mankind , you say such and such about it, but what about so and so how can you say when you know ? " And so on. One needs to consider what is relevant and what matters while simultaneously healing one of the delusions that facts presented to mankind by God can be readily explained by theories and false pretenses.
devil Quran

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