The Family in Islam - Call to Islamic family life

Sunday, September 28, 2014
People from different walks of life talk about their vision of family life in Islam

In Islam, as the welfare of the "other" instead of simply "being" is a virtue so rooted in religion is obvious even to those outside. The British humanitarian and civil rights lawyer Clive Stafford-Smith, a non-Muslim, said: "What I like about Islam is its emphasis on the group, which opposes the development of the West Point individuality."
    People including any society are united by ties of The Related Group. The strongest of all obligations of the company is the family. And if you can rightly argue that the basic family unit is the basis of all companies, this is especially true for Muslims. In fact, the great state that Islam allows the family system is often what attracts many new converts to Islam, particularly women.
"With the laws of almost all aspects of life, Islam is a faith-based women may see as crucial to creating healthy families and communities, and to correct the damage caused by secular humanism so popular of the last thirty years or several experts said. Moreover, women from broken homes may be particularly attracted to religion by the value placed on the family, said Marcia Hermansen, a professor of Islamic education at Loyola University of Chicago and American who also converted to Islam. "
Nowhere is this tendency for people who appreciate traditional family values, and embracing Islam most prevalent in the Latino or Hispanic community in North America. As one of the Muslims of Florida noted, "I saw a rate of more Hispanic convert to Islam I think the Hispanic culture itself is very rich in terms of family values, and that is something that is very important in religion. Islam ".
So what are the values or traits of Islamic family life that many find so appealing in particular?
At an event at Columbia University Islamic, Hernan Guadalupe, an Ecuadorian-American ", spoke about cultural and inherent to Hispanics and Muslim values family resemblances. Typically, Hispanic households are welded and devout, and children are raised in strict environment - traits that reflect the "Muslim homes.
    And in another recent news report, it was also noted how: "Family values play a key role in the formation of a Muslim community Because of these family values, there are many other standards that are consistent within the Hispanic community and the. Islam, for example, respect for elders, married life and parenting, these are some of the Hispanic traditions have in common with Islam. "
Some converts ordinary Americans also had something to say about the experience of real life, and some of them are collected in a book written by the mother of such conversion; Daughters of another path by Carol L. Anway. A woman, quoted in the book, talked about his change in attitude toward marriage and family life after converting to Islam. "I became cleaner and quieter, I got into religion. I became very disciplined. Had no intention to marry before I was a Muslim, but I quickly became a wife and then a mother. Islam has provided a framework that allowed me to express a belief, as modesty, kindness and love, he already had. also led me to happiness through marriage and the birth of two children. Prior to Islam, did not want to have my own hated family (the idea of) children. "
Another woman speaks of her acceptance into the extended family in the same book. "We were greeted at the airport by a large number of his family and was a very emotional moment I will never forget. Mama (her mother-in-law) is like an angel ... J have spent much time in tears for what see here. system family is very unique with the closeness that is beyond words. "
Appendix C of the book, a 35-year old American converted at the time of 14 Muslims, he wrote about the family of her husband and their values against their own American values. "I met all the members of the immediate family of my husband and some of his huge family ... I learned a lot from my in-laws. They have a wonderful way to bond with their children in a manner that fosters respect for others and for large amounts of self-esteem.'s interesting to see how a child-oriented culture and functions of religious orientation. my in-laws, by virtue of being a contrast to American culture, gave me a great appreciation for certain elements of my American cultural identity. Vi .. that Islam really is true that moderation is the right path. "
From these quotes, one from a non-Muslim scholar, other converts and journalists, and some fairly common American women who embraced Islam, we can see that the values of the family in Islam is one of its main attractions. These values come from God and His guidance through the Qur'an and the example and teachings of His Messenger, Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him, indicating that the family unit as being one of the pillars Islamic religion and lifestyle. The importance of family formation is underscored by the prophet himself, who said:
"When a man marries, he has fulfilled half of his religion, so fear God regarding the remaining half." (Al-Bayhaqi)
The following two articles discuss the family in Islam, in the light of the Qur'an and the prophetic teachings. Briefly explore Islam taking on the issues of marriage, respect for parents and elders, and education of children, we can begin to appreciate the benefits of the family in Islam.

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