An interpretation of chapter 112 which revolve around the concept of one God "Allah" in Islam

Wednesday, November 6, 2013
  • ( 1) Say: " He is Allah, the One." This verse is the exclusive monotheism own statement of Allah His inimitable uniqueness . Therefore, the first verse is a command to the Prophet , peace and blessings of God be upon him , and anyone who reads or recites this verse to affirm the Oneness of Allah One . Is that like no other . There are many units in the world , but not all are unique in that each unit similar to them. For example , there is a Mount Everest, but there are other high mountains like him. In the case of God, there is none like him drive . All other units can be divided into two parts , then Allah is unique in its unit and as such indivisible .
  • ( 2) God , the self . The unity of God is done in self-sufficiency. Moreover, all created beings have eds and depend on others to meet their needs . Allah does not need all of His creation in any way, because there is nothing they can do or better can enjoy their condition and perfect . This attribute sufficiency invites believers to reflect on the purpose and objectives of their worship . Most people love like God a favor . The purpose of man's creation is to worship God because all human beings must worship . Or they did not need . Human beings need to worship and glorify God by obedience to divine law is the key to your success, both in this life and the next.
  • ( 3) " It gives birth, not born . " This verse describes another aspect of the Unique Oneness of Allah . False religions generally represent God in human terms , either giving human characteristics or human form. This verse deals primarily with two different characteristics of human beings and other living things generally come into existence by birth and procreation giving birth . "He ( Allah ) does not give rise " because there is nothing like it. A child is made of parts ( sperm and eggs ) , the bodies of their parents, so it's like their parents, in the form and features. If God gave birth , there would be no other god like him, its uniqueness has already been denied. Almighty also rejected the idea of ​​a child's point of view that bearing offspring usually requires a female partner similar to humans . Allah also rejected that the offspring of the general perspective that it is not worthy to have a child because the state reduced its creatures. This answers the question of those who argue that , since it is recognized that God can do anything, you should be able to have a child if he wished. not worthy because God would make His creatures . Also people have children need assistance to survive in this material world or the need to maintain through their offspring. [1 ] describe themselves as self -sufficient, Allah has also denied this possibility.
" He was not born " subtly rejects the idea that Jesus was God , because he is born . For God to be born , must first there , which contradicts the basic divine attribute of eternal existence .
  • ( 4) " And there is nothing like unto Him." Allah closes the chapter with an update of the first verse . If God is one , nothing can equal it. If nothing is equal to Him , then only it is unique. If only He is self-sufficient and all creation you need , there is nothing in creation can not be equal to it. If the seed has not , and nobody I give birth , nothing can be equal to him as those created came into force after a period of non-existence. Each creature has something similar , called the pair , or something like it , called his equal . If the Creator was one or other of these species would have an equal and similarity.
Therefore, this chapter contains the genealogy and description of God , the Merciful . It was revealed by God to disprove the belief assigned people lost their similarity , shape, origin and ancestry. For example , those who paint pictures or statues of Allah similarity claim, those who worship others besides reclaim similarity, and that attributed part of his creation that does not affirm the similarity . However, there is nothing like it in their attributes , domain, or his divinity. Therefore, only He alone deserves to be worshiped by his creatures .

Say (O Muhammad ) : " He is Allah (God) , (the) One . ( 1)

"Allah -us - Samad [ Allah ( God), the self-sufficient master , that all creatures need , ( He neither eats nor drinks ) ] ( 2).

" He never did not unbegotten . (3)

"And no co - equal or comparable to it. " (4 )

( Quran 112:1-4 )
  • ( 1) " say" decisive statement is believed to account : " He is Allah (God) , (the) One" , which means that the unit is limited to Him, He is the one who is perfection, which has the most beautiful names and perfect attributes , supreme . is unmatched and incomparable.
  • ( 2) " Allah -us - Samad " [ God the eternal ] that all creatures need. All the world's top and bottom are in great need of it . They ask for your needs , and find their concerns, because it is perfect in His attributes , He is the Knower whose knowledge is perfect , is the most tolerant whose decision is perfect , the most merciful whose mercy is perfect.
  • (3) and perfection "Do not believe was created " because of the perfection of its opulence [ freedom of all needs ]
  • ( 4) " And there is none like him. " Not in His names and attributes , or their actions. It's far from all imperfection .
Therefore, this chapter establishes the oneness of God .

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