Did God Become Man? - Did God have a Son ?

Thursday, November 7, 2013
Conclusion : A look at 
the idea that God had a son
If God did not become man , who had a son ? Since it is able to do all things, should be able to have a child. However, this claim reduces God to the humble condition of His creation. Creatures procreate give birth to miniature versions of themselves which then grow and reproduce copies of themselves , and so on and so forth . Dogs have puppies , cats , kittens , cows have calves , and men have children. So what is God - a God baby? Gods must give birth to the gods. But for God to have a child , there must be a God out of it. It is not for God to have a son like him as an act equivalent to its creation. Son

Apart from God comes into existence by the command of God , not that God is His creation or a part of God becomes creation. God does not become His creation nor God gives rise to creation. God is God , the Creator , and man and the contents of the universe are His creation. While humans can not understand the concept of creation from nothing , that is exactly what God has done and is doing . Only created out of nothing , which is one of the attributes that make it unique and distinct from His creation. His act of creation is quite different from that of humans .

This was the essence of the message of all true prophets and messengers of God sent to humanity - Abraham , Moses, Jesus and Muhammad - and sent around the world , whose names are now unknown mankind - peace and blessings of God be upon them all . Today, this particular message can not be found in the Quran , the last scripture revealed by God to mankind. The message is loud and clear in the Quran , as it has not changed since the time of its revelation 1400 years ago until today .

God says in the Quran for those who do it as their creation or vice versa :

"... There is nothing like Him ... " ( Quran 42:11 )

It also states that a child is assigned :

" But it is not suitable for Ar - Rahman (the Most Merciful - God.) They should have children " ( Quran 19:92 )

He even those who believe that He created the world from itself :

" If he does not want anything to exist , just goes , " being "and is" ( Quran 36:82 ) .

For the polytheists He states :

" ... There was no other god besides Him , as if each had taken what he had created and tried to outdo the other ... " ( Quran 23:91 )

He asked the atheists :

"It's nothing Or create created " ( Quran 52:35 )

And in reference to Jesus and his mother Mary , confirmed their humanity by saying simply :

" ... The two ate food ... " ( Quran 5:75 )

The concept of God becoming man is very important for any human being to understand because it is the basis of the difference between Islam and other religions exist. All religions have a distorted idea of God , to one degree or another . The most important concept you need to understand is that God became man. God is one , He alone deserves to be worshiped by his creation . To believe that man is God or a man who became God and worship that man is the greatest sin and the greatest evil that man can do on this earth. This understanding is the most important because it is the foundation of salvation. Can be no salvation without it. However, this belief is not the only key hi . It is true that the proper belief should be translated into practice, and not just stay in the field of knowledge , so it becomes pure faith. A person has to live a virtuous life based on correct faith unto salvation . However, the starting point is that it is God, knowing that God has never been and will never become a human being.

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