The Divine Mercy of God - God the Most-Merciful, the Dispenser of Mercy

Thursday, November 7, 2013
A concrete explanation of the two names most often repeated Allah Ar - Ar Rahman - Rahim , and the nature of perfect and harmonious Mercy of God

If someone asked , "Who is your God ? A Muslim response would be: " The Beneficent, the Merciful . . "According to Islamic sources , the prophets , while insisting on the judgment of God, as proclaimed mercy in the Muslim scripture , God is presented as :

" He is God, besides Whom there is no deity , Knower of the unseen and the testimony is the - .. Compassionate , the Merciful " ( Quran 59:22 )

Vocabulary in the Islamic al- Rahman al- Rahim and are personal names of the living God . Both are derived from rahma name , which means "mercy" , "compassion" and " tenderness " . Ar - Rahman describes the nature of God to be merciful , and AR - Rahim describes his acts of piety provided its creation , a subtle difference , but it shows all the universal mercy .

" Say: " call upon God , or call Merciful ( Ar - Rahman ) , as his name is called - to Him belong the Most Beautiful Names .... " ( Quran 17:110 )

These two names are some of the names used by God in the Quran : ar - Rahman is used fifty-seven times, while al- Raheem is used twice (one hundred fourteen) [On the contrary, the ‘Merciful’ does not appear as a divine name in the Bible. (Jewish Encyclopedia, ‘Names of God,’ p. 163)] A greater sense vehicle . kindness, the Prophet said :

" In fact , God is good and loves goodness. Agrees with what kindness does not agree with the harshness . " ( Sahih Muslim)

Both are divine attributes which means God's relationship with creation.

"Praise be to Allah , the Lord of all the worlds . Compassionate, the Merciful " ( Quran 1:2-3 )

In a prayer that Muslims recite at least seventeen times a day , starting to say :

"In the name of God , the Compassionate , the Merciful . Praise be to Allah , the Lord of all the worlds, the Beneficent, the Merciful " ( Quran 1:1-3 ) .

These powerful words evoke a divine response :

" When the servant says: " Praise be to Allah , the Lord of all the worlds , I ( God ) said: " My servant has praised Me . When he says : " Most Gracious, Most Merciful , I ( God ) said: " My servant has praised me . " ( Sahih Muslim)

These names constantly remind Muslim divine mercy surrounding . All but one of the chapters of the Muslim scripture begins with the phrase : "In the name of God, the - Compassionate , the Merciful . " Muslims begin in the name of God to express their ultimate dependence on it and remember mercy God every time I eat , drink , write a letter or do something important. Flowers spirituality banal. invocation at the beginning of every common act , it is important to call God's blessing on this law and enshrines . the formula is a popular decorative motif of manuscripts and architectural ornamentation .

Distribution requires someone mercy mercy shown . He who shows mercy to be in need . Perfect thank you to care for the needy , then infinite mercy extends to those who need or do not need , the extension of this world wonderful life after death .

In Islamic doctrine , human beings in a personal relationship with the God loving, merciful , always ready to forgive our sins and to answer prayers , but there is no mercy in the human sense of feeling pain and sorrow for one trouble. God becomes human to understand suffering . Instead, God's mercy is an attribute worth his holiness , bringing divine favor and help.

The mercy of God is immense :

" Say: "Infinite is the Lord , in your mercy .... " ( Quran 6:147 )

Extend all existence :

" ... My mercy encompasses all things .... " ( Quran 7:156 )

Creation itself is an expression of divine grace , mercy and love. God invites us to observe the effects of mercy around us :

" Here, then , (O man) , the signs of God's mercy - how He gives life to the earth after its death ! ... " ( Quran 30:50 )
God loves the Merciful

God loves compassion. Muslims view Islam is a religion of mercy . For them, their prophet is God's gift of mercy to all mankind :

" And (thus ,O Prophet ) you have sent you as [ an evidence of Our ] mercy to all the worlds. " ( Quran 21:107 )

As they believe that Jesus was God's mercy to people :

" And you can do a symbol of humanity and an act of mercy for us. " ( Quran 19:21)

A daughter of the Prophet Muhammad , peace and blessings of God be upon him , sent for her sick child. He reminded that God is the giver, He is the one who takes , and each has a specific duration. Recalled that is patient. When the news of the death of his son succeeded him , tears ran from his eyes compassion . His colleagues were surprised . The Prophet of Mercy said :

" This is the compassion that God has placed in the hearts of his servants . Of all His servants, God will have mercy and compassion. " ( Sahih al- Bukhari)

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy , as the Prophet Muhammad :

" God will have mercy on one who is not merciful to people. " ( Sahih Al- Bukhari)

He said :

" The Merciful shows mercy to the merciful . Have mercy on those on earth , and the One above the heavens will have mercy on you . " ( At- Tirmidhi )

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