The Divine Mercy of God - Its Warm Embrace

Thursday, November 7, 2013
Mercy , as manifested in this life and the afterlife

Divine Mercy envelops all existence within, ever lasting . The benevolent Lord of mankind is merciful to them , full of compassion. The name of God , Ar - Rahman , suggests that mercy is a key aspect of his being , the fullness of His compassion is limitless , bottomless an ocean without shores. Ar -Razi , a traditional Islamic scholars wrote, " It is unimaginable for creation to be more merciful than God himself ! Effect Islam teaches that God is more merciful with a human being his / her own mother.

In the great mercy of God , He sends water to produce fruit in the orchards to provide for the human body . The soul needs spiritual food and intense in the same way the body needs food . In his rich mercy , God has sent prophets and messengers to humans and scriptures revealed to them through the human mind. The Divine Mercy appears in the Torah of Moses :

" ... In the writing was guidance and mercy for those in fear of their Lord . " ( Quran 7:154 )

And the revelation of the Qur'an :

" ... This [ revelation ] is a means of knowledge of their Lord , and to provide guidance and mercy for the believers . " ( Quran 7:203 )

Mercy is not granted a merit of their ancestors. Divine Mercy is given to act on the Word of God and listen to his prayer :

" And it ( the Qur'an ) is a book we have given above , a blessed : follow , then, and be aware of God , that ye may have the honor of his mercy " ( Quran 6:155 ) .

" So when you recite the Quran , listen, and listen in silence , to be graced with mercy [ God ] . " ( Quran 7:204 )

Mercy is the result of obedience :

" Therefore, ( O believers ) Be constant in prayer , and make the purifying dues , and obey the Messenger , so that you might be graced with God's mercy . " ( Quran 24:56 )

The mercy of God is the hope of man . Therefore, believers pray to God for his mercy :

"Affliction came to me , but you are the most merciful of the merciful " ( Qur'an 21:83) !

They implore the mercy of God to the faithful :

" Our Lord , let not our hearts deviate from the truth after You have guided us and grant us the gift of mercy : verily, Thou art the [true ] Giver of gifts . " ( Quran 3:08 )

And they implore God's mercy for their parents :

" ...Oh , my Lord , Give us your compassion for them , but I got when I was a kid " ( Quran 17:24)
Assignment of Divine Mercy

Catches of divine mercy in their believers and unbelievers , the obedient and the rebellious arms , but in the afterlife , which is reserved for the faithful. Ar - Rahman is merciful to every creature in the world, but his mercy is reserved for the faithful in the afterlife. Ar - Rahim distribute mercy for the believers on the Day of Judgment :

" ... With my punishment hurts I want - but my mercy overtakes , so I will give those who fear me, and spend in charity , and who believe in Our signs - those who have to follow the [ last ] Messenger , the unlettered Prophet , whom they find written in the Torah that is with them , and in the Gospel .... " ( Quran 7:156-157 )

Recognition Divine Mercy is described by the Prophet of Islam :

"God created one hundred parts of mercy . Placed a hand between his creation, because they do not have compassion for others . God has stored the remaining ninety nine portions for Judgment Day to honor his slaves . " ( Sahih Al- Bukhari , Sahih Muslim, Tirmidhi and others. )

A single serving of divine mercy fills the heavens and the earth , human beings are like beasts and birds drink .

Moreover, divine mercy manifested on the Day of Judgment is greater than what we see in this life as a divine punishment will be more intense than what we experience here . The Prophet of Islam said the two ends of these divine attributes :

" If a believer should know that the punishment God has stored , it will not despair and you do not expect it to Heaven. If an unbeliever must know the great mercy of God , not one will be desperate to go to Paradise. " ( Sahih Al- Bukhari , Sahih Muslim, Tirmidhi )

However, the Islamic doctrine of divine mercy divine wrath replaces :

" Actually, my mercy supersedes my punishment . " ( Sahih Al- Bukhari , Sahih Muslim)

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