Qur'an, the main source of Islam

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
The religion of Islam is based on Quran ( Word of God) and the Sunnah ( teachings and attributes of the Prophet Muhammad ) . Qur'an, is the main source of Islam. God
The latest manifestation of the grace of God to man , the ultimate wisdom , and the ultimate beauty of expression : in short, the word of God.  If you ask a Muslim to represent , are more likely to offer similar words. The Qur'an , for Muslims, is the irrefutable , inimitable Word of God. It was revealed by God Almighty for the Prophet Muhammad , peace and blessings of God be upon him . The Prophet himself did not participate in the writing of the Qur'an , it was no more than a messenger , repeat the precepts of the Divine Creator :
"He ( Muhammad ) does not speak of his own desire. This is no less than inspiration sent before him . " ( Qur'an 53:3-4 )
The Quran was revealed in Arabic , the Prophet Muhammad in a period of twenty years. Is composed in such a unique style , it can not be considered as poetry or prose, but somehow a mixture of both. The Qur'an is inimitable , it can not be simulated or copied , and God Almighty challenges mankind to pursue such an endeavor if you think you can:
" Or do they say he forged Di . Bring such a sura, and call ( to your aid ) anyone you can, beside God , if I say the truth" (Quran 10:38)
The language of the Quran is indeed sublime , its movement recitation, as Muslim scholar not noted that " it was as if the rhythm of my heartbeat. " With its unique style of language , the Qur'an is not only easy to read but also relatively easy to remember. latter aspect has played an important role not only in the preservation of the Quran , but in the spiritual life of Muslims. God himself declares,
"And we've made ​​it easy to understand and memorize the Quran , then there is someone who thinks " ( Quran 54:17 )
One of the most important features of the Qur'an is that it remains today, the only holy book which has never changed , it free of any and all counterfeiting remained . Sir William Muir noted, " There is probably in the world no other book which has remained (fourteen) centuries with so pure a text. " The Koran was written in life and under the supervision of the Prophet , who himself was illiterate thus its authenticity is unblemished , and conservation is seen as the fulfillment of God's promise :
"We have, without doubt, the Reminder and We will guard it from corruption. " (Quran 15:09 )
The Quran is a book that gives the human being the spiritual and intellectual food, he / she sucks . Its main themes are the unity of God , the purpose of human existence , faith and consciousness of God, the afterlife and its importance.
The Qur'an also lays a strong emphasis on reason and understanding. In these areas of human understanding , the Qur'an goes beyond the satisfaction of human intelligence , that makes one think . Unlike other writings , there are Qur'anic challenges and prophecies. It's so full of facts that were recently discovered, one of the most interesting areas in recent years has been the discovery of a large amount of scientific information in the Qur'an, including the case of the Big Bang, embryological data , and information on other biology, astronomy, etc, not a single statement that has not been confirmed by modern discoveries.
Islam Qur'an
In short , the Qur'an fulfills the heart , soul and spirit . Perhaps the best description of the Qur'an was given by Ali, the cousin of the prophet Muhammad when he explained that ,
"The Book of God. In the folder , which is what it was before the judgment of what is in your midst , and the prophecies of what will come next . 's Decisive , not a case of lightness. One is a tyrant and ignores the Qur'an will be destroyed by God.
Whoever seeks the advice of others to be bad. Qur'an is the unbreakable bond of relationship with God , which is full of wisdom and memory the right way . Qur'an is not distorted by the language and can not be repealed by whims. repeated study was tarnished , researchers wanting more . Wonders of the Qur'an are endless. Whoever speaks to tell the truth , the ruling that is equal and clinging to it will be guided to the right path . " ( at- Tirmidhi )

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