Did God Become Man? - God Becomes One Man, Men Become God, Why ?

Thursday, November 7, 2013
Examples of religions believe that God became man, 
that all human beings are a part of God , and a glimpse into the thinking of all those beliefs mentioned above
God becomes One man
Christian belief in the incarnation of God is rooted in the beliefs of the ancient Greeks. The same words used to describe God Exist became man in the Gospel of John 1:01 and 14: "In the beginning was the Word ( Logos ) and the Word was with God , and the Word was God. " Then the author John continues, " ... and the word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth ... " Although the Greek term logos is translated as " word" , there is no equivalent term in English for her. Its importance lies in its use as a technical term in Greek metaphysical thought of the sixth century BC . - C . , Until the third century AD, and their appropriation by the Jewish and Christian thinkers . appeared in the expressions of Heraclitus ( 540-480 BC) , that the principle of the motivation of the universe , but it was, at the time of Aristotle, supplanted by the power of light and made the material power . Logos reappeared in the system of the Stoics who termed their principle of teleology both logos and God. Philo ( d. 50 CE ), an Alexandrian Jewish philosopher , identified the creative word of the Old Testament with the logos of the Stoics .
Man logos have become a transcendent principle , as the means by which God speaks to us in the world . But logos also had a positive aspect was the manner of a higher spiritual nature . In the Gospel of John, the logos are both creative and redemptive , this aspect is given more importance than the first [
Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion , p . 314]
This belief needs a reason why the concept of original sin and divine sacrifice which is invented .
Men It has been argued that because of the sin of Adam , which accumulated through generations until it becomes so great that no human sacrifice could remove a divine sacrifice was necessary . Therefore, God had a son of the man who was God incarnate. God 's son later died on the cross as a sacrifice for all mankind to God Himself . The son, who is God himself, was then resurrected and is now on the right side of waiting to judge mankind at the end of the throne of God in the world . So for Christians, also one-fifth of humanity , God became man and a single point in the history of this world, and faith in his incarnation is essential for salvation.
Men Become God
From the point of view of the humanity of Jesus , the Christian faith is that God can be seen as raising the status of being one human divinity . There is, however , another set of beliefs among many followers of Islam , like Hinduism and Buddhism , offer human beings the opportunity to become God.
The origin of these beliefs can be found in mysticism with roots in ancient Greek mystery religions . Mysticism is defined as an experience of union with God and the belief that man's primary goal in life is to find that union. The Greek philosopher Plato proposed this concept in his writings, especially in the Symposium .
Men He describes how the human soul can ascend spiritually , until finally it becomes a new god. [
Colliers Encyclopedia , vol . 17, p. 114] The basis for this belief is the teaching that humans are , in fact , parts of God that were trapped in this material world. The physical body is hidden the human soul . Therefore, the soul of his view is divine. Part trapped God in this world should be free of the material world and reconnect with God. Man
There were some Muslims , a sect that promoted this idea. His followers are traditionally called "Sufis " and their belief system is called "Sufism " .
Men This term is usually translated into English as " mystical " and is based on the same concept as the mystical " Greek Islamic mysticism . " - . That the human soul is divine and how it becomes reunited with God through spiritual exercises different groups of Sufis evolved into cults called " Tareeqahs " (roads or trails ) Each cult was named . Man According to its founder , real or imagined , and each had its own set of special spiritual exercises whose members must strictly comply . most have learned that after the disciples did spiritual exercises , physical and emotional limits , to be one with God. This unit was given the title Fanaa Arabic, meaning "dissolution " [
Ihyaa ' Ulum ad -Din , vol . 4 , p. 212] or wusool , meaning " arrival " . the concept of "unity with God " was rejected by the leading Muslim scholars , but has been adopted by the masses. In the tenth century , a devout Sufi , al- Hallaaj ( 858-922 ) has publicly announced that he was God and wrote poems and a book entitled Kitab at- Tawaseen for this purpose. He wrote : " If you do not recognize God , at least recognize their sign , I am the only absolute truth because through the truth , I am eternal truth. My friends and teachers are Iblees [The proper name of Satan , according to Muslim belief] , and Pharaoh . Man Iblis was threatened by hell , but recognize nothing between him and God , and although I am killed and crucified , but also my hands and feet are cut , I retract " . [Idea of Personality, p . 32]
Ibn Arabi ( d. 1240 ) was the unity with God a step further to say that there is only God. He wrote in one of his works : "Glory to Him who made ​​all things appear , while its essence. " [
Al- Futoohaat al- Makkiyyah , vol . 2 , p. 604] And in another , he wrote : " It is the essence of all that appears , and is the essence of what is hidden , while it seems. anyone see that it is nothing besides Him and no one is hiding from him because he seems to himself while hiding . " [Fusoos al- Hikam , vol.1 , p . 77] The concept is called Wahdatul - wujud ( unity of existence ) and became popular in Sufi circles around the Muslim world. Men
Why ?
This led the ancient people have the belief that God became man and that man and God are one and the same? The main reason is their inability to understand or accept the concept that God created the world from nothing . They perceive God to be like them , creating what already exists . Humans create things manipulating existing things in other states, forms and shapes with different functions. For example , a wooden table was once a tree in a forest , and nails and screws were once iron ore in the rock underground . Humans cut down the tree and shape the wood into a table and legs, dug iron ore, melted and poured into molds to produce nails and screws. Then gathered the pieces to create a table for a variety of uses. Similarly, plastic chairs that were once sat liquid oil, stored in the bowels of the earth. You can not imagine sitting in the oil and people are sitting on chairs.
Man However, due to the human ability to manipulate oil chemical components , plastic is produced and chairs are made for people to sit . This is the essence of human activity , humans merely modify and transform what already exists . Do not create the trees or produce oil . When discussing the production of oil, which really means oil extraction . The oil was formed millions of years ago by geological processes , then man has extracted from the earth and refined . Also, do not create more trees. Even if planted , do not create the seeds they planted. Men

Therefore, the man , in his ignorance of God , often conceived God as being like them . For example , in the Old Testament , it is written : " God created man in his image. In the image of God he created man " For Hindus , Purusa is the creator God , Brahma, in human form, and like humans create manipulating the existing world around him and the creator god should do the same .
According to Hindu philosophy , Purusa is a giant offspring of Brahma, having a thousand heads and a thousand eyes . From him arose Viraaj , his female counterpart and partner in the creative process. The divine Purusa is also the sacrificial offering ( vv. 6-10) and his dismembered body arose the four traditional social castes ( varna) [
Dictionary of World Religions , p . 587] Perugia Hymn states that Brahmins were Purusa 's mouth , . Kshatriyas (nobles ) , arms, Vaishyas , his thighs and Shudras feet [The New Encyclopaedia Britannica , vol . 20 , p. 552] that the Hindus conceive of God creating the world from nothing , led to the concept that God created the world from itself and your people body parts . . Men

Human to understand the ideas and concepts is limited and finite capacity . Human beings can not grasp and comprehend the infinite . The belief that God taught Adam was God created the world from nothing. When you want something to exist , simply said : "Be ! " His domain resulted in the existence of things that never existed before . This world and its contents were not created from himself. In fact , the concept that God created the world from itself reduces God to the level of his creatures , simply believe otherwise. Those who had and continue to have this belief are unable to understand the oneness of God . It is unique and there is nothing like it.

 If God created the world from itself , it would be his creatures . Men

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