Did God Become Man? - The Gods, Man is God, and God Becomes His Creatures

Thursday, November 7, 2013
A look at the concept of God and pantheism in 
            polytheistic religions , including Hinduism  Man 
Gods  Creatures
However, there is still an aspect of belief in God that defies logic and reason, but has become a cornerstone of faith. It is the belief that God became man . When original monotheistic belief in God degenerated into the belief that there must be intermediaries between man and the Supreme Being or convey human quests or to act on behalf of God in the world , became objects of worship provisional . Intermediaries are often designed as spirits found in all manifestations of nature.
God Therefore, human beings from earliest times worshiped the spirits of the forests , the rivers , the heavens and the earth, etc. , until today. Sometimes nature itself was worshiped , and other times, symbols representing loved nature . Man}}} Religious systems that have been developed from such beliefs tend to be localized and remain scattered among primitive peoples around the world today. These beliefs do not converge as a single belief system of international concern , in what is known in the current records of human history . God

On the other hand, where the monotheistic belief degenerated into the personification of God's power as separate intermediary entities represented by images , idols became a focal point for worship. The powers of God became gods .
Man These beliefs resulted in ancient and modern times as natural religions of international influence. Egyptian Religion , Ancient Greek and Roman have disappeared due to the complete subversion of these empires by Christianity. However, the Indian expression of Hinduism survived the colonization of both Muslims and Christians , and is the national religion of about one billion people in India. Christianity and Islam , with the exception of Bali in Indonesia, have supplanted their direct impact internationally, in most of the Far East. However, the different forms of Buddhism , its offshoot, have become the main religion of hundreds of millions of people in the Far East. Man The different forms of the Hindu reform movement continues to spread in the West today . God
Man is God
According to Hinduism , the basic concept is that everything is God . Basically there is no distinction between God and his creation. In Hindu philosophy , every living being has a self or a soul that is called Atman . It is generally accepted that the soul is actually God, called Brahman . Therefore, the essence of Hindu belief is the idea that Atman and Brahman are one and the same , ie , the human soul is divine.

 In addition , human society is divided into castes or classes, which each represent human beings have come into existence in different parts of the divine being , Brahman .Man The highest caste , the Brahmins came from the head of God, then , the lowest caste , the Sudras , came from the feet of God . Although not officially only four main castes , in fact , there are many sub -castes . God Each of the main caste is divided into thousands of castes . Hindus believe that when a person dies , he or she is reincarnated . The soul , Atman , the deceased never dies, but constantly reborn . If people are good in this life , then they will be born into a higher level of the caste system in their next life . Man On the contrary , if they are wrong in this life , you will be reborn in a lower level , which is one of the main reasons why many Hindus commit suicide every year. God Daily newspapers are cases of individuals and families themselves suspended by fans at home. In a recent issue of a local newspaper, a Hindu was killed when India lost a cricket match in Sri Lanka. When we married reincarnation belief system , suicide becomes an easy way out of the difficulties of this life. Creatures

When a person reaches the highest caste , the Brahmins , after various incarnations , the cycle of rebirth ends , and he returned with Brahman . This consolidation process is called Moksha , and Buddhism , is called Nirvana . [1 ] The Atman with Brahman 

meets again . Thus man becomes God .

God becomes his creatures 
In Hindu belief , the attributes of Brahman manifest as different gods. The attribute of creation becomes the creator god, Brahma , conservation attribute becomes the savior God , Vishnu , and the attribute of destruction becomes the destroyer god , Siva . The most popular of them , Vishnu incarnate among human beings at different times. This incarnation is called in Sanskrit avatar, which means "descent" .
God It represents the descent of God in the human world by becoming a human being or other creatures of this world. First, the term avatar refers to the ten main appearances of the god Vishnu. Man They include Matsya , the incarnation of God as a fish, like a turtle Kurma , Varaha as a boar ( wild pig ) Narasimha as half man, half - lion as a dwarf Vamana , and probably the most common is Rama , the incarnation human . God}}} Rama is the hero of the epic Ramayana , whose films are made and shown regularly in India. The other popular god Krishna , another incarnation of Vishnu as a human being . His epic is the Mahabharata , which describes the descent of the gods in human form to save the goddess of the Earth, oppressed by demons , burdened by overpopulation and in danger of dissolution. God [2 ] There are different variations of this belief regarding incarnations ago number and what other animal forms they adopt , but all generally follow these events. Man Thus, in Hinduism , the belief of one fifth of humanity , man is God or part of God. The difference between the Creator and His creation is only superficial. Man Creatures

Popular Buddhism shares the Hindu concept of the embodiment of their own changes . It teaches that every consciousness is " Buddha nature " and is able to become a Buddha . Buddha in previous lessons [3 ] , it was really a human teacher who lived and taught . However, Mahayana Buddhism , the idea of "eternal " Buddha , embodying the absolute truth, to the point , and the Buddha was elevated to divinity.
God To reveal his message to mankind , the eternal Buddha manifests occasionally as an earthly Buddha to live and work among humans. Therefore, Siddhartha Gautama , the founder of Buddhism , became one of the land appearances a phantom apparition created by the eternal Buddha . [4 ] The Buddhist system has incorporated elements of Hindu gods and heavens and responded to the popularity of Bhakti Hinduism , personal devotion to the deities Salvador . The Absolute or Buddha nature was seen by some as having attributes manifest as eternal Buddhas and bodhisattvas [5 ] , which exists in the spiritual realms and offered their merits , protection and assistance to the lighting all his followers engaged them. Man

Chief among the eternal bodhisattvas were Avalokitesvara , embodiment of compassion , and Manjusri , a personification of wisdom. And among the eternal Buddhas were Aksobhya ( the undaunted ) , Amitabha ( Eternal Light ) and Amitayus (eternal life ) .


[1 ] It is a Sanskrit term meaning "burnt " , referring to the extinction of all worldly desires , or salvation. Although the term originated in the Vedic scriptures ( Bhagavad - Gita and the Vedas ), which is most often associated with Buddhism. In Hinayana Buddhism , the term is synonymous with extinction , while in Mahayana Buddhism , is a state of bliss (Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion , p . 393).

[2 ] The theological center of the epic is the Bhagavad Gita (Dictionary of World Religions , p . 448 ) .
[3 ] Theravada Buddhism , Doctrine of the Elders, is essentially a discipline that an individual practices to achieve salvation alone . Only monks who have the strength and will to live an intense religious life can be achieved, and that the calling Arhant . There are two types of Nirvana , one with and one without waste. The first is achieved Arhant here and now, the five aggregates ( skandhas : all people that make up matter , sensation , perception , predisposition and consciousness) are always present, even if the desires that lead to continuous rebirth is extinguished. Nirvana without residue refers to Arhant state after death in which the Buddha remained silent. It can not be a Buddha in an eon and enlightenment is reserved for the elite. This aspect of Buddhism is called Hinayana , or Lesser Vehicle .

With the passage of time after the death of Buddha, Theravada monks were criticized for being too narrow and individualistic in their teachings. Buddhism dissension arose and developed . A new way Mahayana or Great Vehicle , came to dominate . (Dictionary of World Religions , pp. 126-127 )

[4 ] Dictionary of World Religions , p . 129.

[5 ] Originally the term referred to former Buddhas while still in his quest for enlightenment . In Mahayana Buddhism , the bodhisattva postpones complete final enlightenment and nirvana to help all other beings in their quest for enlightenment . (Dictionary of World Religions , p . 112 ) .

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