How Do We Know God is One? A Philosophical and Theological Perspective - (3)

Thursday, November 7, 2013
The existence of God and His Oneness is known through reason and revelation.   explains that the Oneness of God and His nature is known through revelation


A simpler way to provide evidence of the unity of God refers to the revelation. The argument here is that if God Himself has given to mankind and that this revelation can prove it, then he says of himself is obviously true . Bold hypotheses , perspective, at least , agnostic , how are you aware that God himself has announced to mankind and how is this revelation?

Take the last first hypothesis. If God Himself has given to mankind there are only two ways to know : external and internal . What do I mean by " in house" , is that you can know who God only through introspection and internalization and what we mean by "outside" is that you can know who God outside yourself through communication , that is, you create an instance in the world of independent spirit. Knowing God is internal plausible for the following reasons ,

1) Human beings are different. They have what psychologists call " individual differences " , these individual differences include DNA , experiments , social, intellectual and emotional ability , gender, among many others. These differences have a role in their ability to internalize through introspection or intuition , therefore , the results of introspection or trust your intuition will be different. So you can see that if these processes are used only for the knowledge of God , there would be inevitable differences in our understanding of it . This is the case of a historical perspective , from the ancient world 6000 BC , there are records of about 3700 different names and concepts of God !

2) Since the method used to conclude that God exists is a method of "common sense" , or what philosophers call rational thought and Muslim theologians W hat can call the innate idea , then try to know God within leads to errors . This is because it can be concluded with the universe as evidence of a transcendent cause beyond is that it must be eternal , unique , powerful , personal , anything else would be speculation.
One The Qur'an rightly says " Why are you telling God that you have no knowledge ? " If you try to assimilate what God would be the equivalent of a mouse trying to conceptualize and think like an elephant. Obviously , the human being is not eternal , unique and powerful , so that human beings can not conceptualize God is. God says via external revelation . Perspective

Consider the following example into consideration , you know that God exists as the sound of the door , it is assumed that something is there, but do you know who is ? You do not expect anyone , so shout " Who is this ? " Knowing , and the only way to know is if the person behind the door says . Therefore, we can conclude that if God has said or announced anything should be external to the human being.

From the Islamic point of view this external communication is the Qur'an , as it is the only text to say is from God , that meets the criteria of a divine text  These criteria include ,

1) Must be compatible with the God find rational and intuitive. For example , if a book says God is an elephant with 40 weapons would assume that this book is not of God , that God should be external to the universe.

2) Must be consistent internally and externally. In other words , if it says on page 20 that God is one and then on page 340 of his said that God is three, which is an internal inconsistency . Also, if the book says that the universe is only 6,000 years old, then it would be inconsistent as external reality as we know that the universe is 6,000 years older .

3 ) There should be no signs of transcendence. In simple terms , you must have evidence to prove it is from God.

In the case of the Qur'an - and this post is not the place to discuss in depth - can not be explained by naturalistic explanations are both supernatural explanation. Some of these symptoms include :

a) The inimitable linguistic and literary

b ) There are historical accounts that could not be known to man at the time of revelation 

c ) There are descriptions of natural phenomena that can not be known to man at the time of revelation

To conclude , since the only way to know what God has announced to humanity is external revelation , and this revelation can prove that the Qur'an - so what it says about God is true . In the context of this discussion , the Quran says : "Know that the Lord is One."

These are some of the arguments that can be used to show that God is one, but this topic - once really understood - will have profound effects on human consciousness . The unity of God is not only related to the fact that it is one, but refers to the worship , Lordship , names and attributes , which can be enjoyed in reality meditate , meditating on the meaning of the Quran and become in a demonstration of your message .

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