How Do We Know God is One? A Philosophical and Theological Perspective (2)

Thursday, November 7, 2013
The existence of God and His Oneness 
is known through reason and revelation

Discusses three more rational arguments

for the singularity and uniqueness of God

Logical Argument 
Logic dictates that if there is more than one God who created the universe , it would not be chaos and order level , we are in the cosmos. However, you may notice your car was made by more than one author , a person equipped with wheels , and someone has installed the engine and the other person , the computer system . So , from this example , there may be more than one Creator with the creature still able to provide order and stability.
God  one

To answer this argument you need to understand is that the best explanation for the origins of the universe is the concept of God and not the "design" or "creator" . There may be a possibility that several designers and creators , as noted by the example of the car , but there can be more than one God . This is because God , by definition , is someone who has a desire to impose limits , if there are two or more gods , that would mean that they would have a contest of wills and causes chaos and disorder . However, one can argue that they agree to have the same or will have their own area , but that would mean that wills are now limited and passive , which means that they are not gods by definition !

This is explained by Ibn Abi al- Izz in his commentary " Aqeedah at- Tahawiyyah "

" The most common argument used to be known as exclusion argument . Argument is as follows . If there were two creators and they do not agree on something, because X wanted to move , while the other does not want to move, or wanted to Y life, while the other wanted without life, then logically speaking , there are only three possibilities. First, the wishes of both are made and , secondly, that the will of one of them is in third place , carried out the will of any of them . the first case is impossible because it requires the existence of opposites. a third possibility is also excluded because it would imply that the body is not moving, or not moving and is not possible. This also implies that both are unable or have their wills , which prohibit be God. Finally, if the will is one and not the other , simply deserve God whose will is done can not be regarded as God. "
conceptual differentiation 
God existence

What makes us appreciate the difference and duality ? How can we differentiate between two people walking down the street ? The answer lies in what is called conceptual differentiation . These concepts include space, distance , shape and physical characteristics. Take into consideration the following diagram ,

The reason can be seen above two objects due to differences in color , size and shape, including placement , in other words , there is a distance between them. In the absence of these concepts could pick up two or object to all objects ? You could not, because these concepts is necessary to collect a number of entities. However, since the cause of the universe is outside the universe ( if the case was part of the universe , it would mean that the universe created itself , is absurd because it would require that the universe exists and does not exist at the same time! ) Can assuming that no conceptual distinction as distance , shape , color and size, as these concepts are meaningful only in the universe. God Therefore, if there is a conceptual distinction knowable can not say a multiplicity of causes , as I explained earlier, the inability to perceive the plurality or multiplicity in the absence of these concepts. God

Since you do not have ideas for recognizing a plurality of causes that make even a single cause can not exist ? No, it is not, because if there is no place in the universe , then it would mean that the world, in the words of Bertrand Russell , " is there and that's all.
God " In other words , this would mean that the universe is infinite , but this may not be the case , as mentioned above , the universe began to exist. Therefore, a single independent cause rationally required to explain the fact that the universe began to exist and a plurality of causes that can not be collected because of the lack of differentiation conceptual . God

uniqueness existence
The cause of the universe must be unique , as the Qur'an says : "There is nothing like it. " If the cause of the universe was not one to say that there are some similarities between the cause of the universe and the universe itself . This is not possible because it would place the cause of the universe in the universe (if the universe is defined as the sum of all subjects) and lead to the absurd as it would imply that the universe itself even created .
God  Now, you may ask, why not the cause of the universe as the universe ? The answer is simple, the cause must be immaterial , because it created the sum of all the material - which is the universe itself - and another principle that holds that it is the first law of thermodynamics , which states that "energy can not be created nor destroyed " energy only (ie , matter ) can not create. God If the cause is material, then it would defy this principle , it would mean the material and create energy independence. Therefore it can be concluded that the cause of the universe must be immaterial and therefore unique. One God
How does this relate to the unity of God ? Well, if there is more than one cause for the universe , which means they are not unique anymore. However, you can always argue that no two minor reasons , and I will answer : what does it mean ? You seem to violate Occam's razor s and refers to the first argument.
God existence

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